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Play Area Improvements

In 2023 we began fundraising for improvements to the children's play area. We currently have a swing set, toddler frame and a climbing frame for slightly older children. We have already made improvements to the toddler frame as following feedback we identified that toddlers were unable to use the netted bridge, therefore we replaced this with a wooden walkway. 

We are seeking feedback from the community with regards to their needs and wishes for future developments and would welcome any suggestions. We have identified that better flooring and equipment for the older children would be a great improvement to the area. 

In 2024 we hope to continue our fundraising efforts and will provide you with regular updates on the funds raised in the newsletters (please email to subscribe) and we also would like to make a final decision on what we are raising funds for with a hope for a late 2024/2025 build - depending on grants available. 

Pond Improvements

The pond has been unable to retain water for some time and previous attempts to fix the issues causing this have unfortunately failed. We are exploring the options to either reinstate the pond or an alternative environmentally friendly sustainable option. We welcome your suggestions. 

Energy Improvements

We are undergoing an audit to see how we can become even more energy efficient. An area we wish to look into is replacing all doors as we have identified that these are not airtight and could be improved. We are also looking at replacing all lighting with LED lights and are exploring grants to assist with this. If anybody has any knowledge or experience in this area we would gladly welcome your support and input. 
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